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Taxi stands are located at major intersections and in front of bigger hotels. Passengers can choose from any of the available taxis at a taxi stand. Taxis can be also ordered by phone or hailed on the street. Starting fare €2-€5 EUR, price for 1 km is about €0,50-€1.

The price list for taxi services is determined by the taxi operator; that is, prices are not uniform for all taxis. In order to avoid misunderstandings, be sure that the approximate cost of the trip to your destination is clear in advance.

Instructions for taxi passengers

Before getting in:
Be sure you understand the approximate cost of the trip. Prices are not uniform; taxi operators can set their own rates.
Take a close look at the yellow price list, which is posted on the right side rear door.
Here you’ll find rates for:
  • the base fare (usually €2-€5)
  • the waiting charge, used only when the taxi is actually standing (usually €6-€20/h
  • the per-kilometre charges: a daytime charge used from 6am to 11pm, and a nighttime charge used from 11pm to 6am (both usually €0,50-€1/km
Anything much more than these is considered high. Make sure the taxi driver holds an operator’s card – a white plastic card with the driver’s photo and name, attached to the middle of the dashboard.

Starting out:
Make sure the taxi’s meter is turned on. It is illegal for the driver to smoke or to allow others to smoke in the taxi.

At the end of the ride:
The driver is not allowed to ask for more than what is on the meter. The driver must be paid in Euros. Ask the taxi driver for a receipt from the meter’s printer. If the meter or printer is out of order, the driver should not be in service and you have the right to refuse to pay the fare.
To lodge complaints or make suggestions, contact the Tallinn Transport Department’s Taxi Commission by e-mail tta@tallinnlv.ee, or by phone +3726404619

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