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Practical Information


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Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is located in Northern Europe in the north-eastern part of the Baltic Sea region. Area of Tallinn - 159,2 km² (Estonia 45 227 km²).


The climate in Tallinn is characterized by a fairly cold winter, a cool spring with little precipitation, a moderately warm summer and a long and rainy autumn. However, some summers have weeks at a stretch of temperatures around +30°C, and a warm, sunny summer can keep autumn at bay until mid-October.
Average temperature in July +16,7°C
Average temperature in February -4°C

Weather forecast in the Internet: www.weather.ee/tallinn


Estonia is in the Eastern European Time Zone: GMT + 2 hours.
In summer: GMT + 3 hours.


Time Zone Converter www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html


The population of Tallinn is 433 653 (02.10.2014).
Nationalities living in Estonia: Estonian 52.5%, Russian 38.5%, Ukrainian 3.7%,  other 5,3%.


Estonian's official language is Estonian. Russian, Finnish, English and German are also understood and widely spoken.


The largest denomination in Tallinn is Russian Orthodox (23%), followed by Lutheran (8%). However, only about 35% of Tallinn's population practice any religion.

Visa Regulations

As of 21 December 2007, Estonia is a part of the Schengen visa area.
Nationals of EU and EEA member states are free to enter Estonia. The required travel document for entry is a national ID card or passport.

For more specific information, please contact the nearest Estonian consulate or embassy, or check the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affair's website.

Foreign Representations in Estonia

For specific information, please check the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affair's website.


A Customs Guide for travellers to Estonia can be found at www.emta.ee.

Tax Free Shopping

Travellers residing outside the European Union are entitled to claim back the VAT/GST on purchases, if exported from the European Union within three months plus months of purchase. Total sales price of the goods purchased must be at least 38,36 EUR (incl. VAT) in a store per day. Stores offering Tax Free Shopping service are displaying well-known Tax Free logo. A store will provide special Refund Cheque, which must be presented together with a passport and purchased goods to customs official for export verification when leaving the European Union. Purhcased goods must be exported in an unused condition. Check refund options from www.globalblue.com

For further information please contact Global Blue info@globalblue.com or
+372 669 0545, the local customs office or a customs officer on duty.
Customs helpdesk: +372 696 7435, +372 696 7436.

Currency Exchange

National currency: 1 Euro = 100 cents
Most larger hotels, stores and restaurants accept Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard and American Express. However, it is advisable to carry some cash with you.

Traveller’s checks can be exchanged in most banks but are less likely to be accepted in shops. Eurocheque is the most widely accepted traveller’s check, but American Express and Thomas Cook are also accepted.

Banks are plentiful and easy to find in Tallinn. Most are open from 9:00 to 18:00 on weekdays, while some offices are also open on Saturday mornings. All banks offer currency exchange services. Exchange offices can also be found in larger hotels, the airport, harbour, railroad station and major shopping centres.


To call Tallinn from abroad, dial your international access code and 372 for Estonia and then the telephone number.
Calling abroad, dial 00 and the country code.

The GSM mobile phone system is available; please check compatibility with your operator.


Public Internet access points have been set up all over Estonia. They are located in local libraries and post offices. There are over 100 free wireless Internet zones around the country, many of them in rather unexpected places - beaches, Old Town squares, stadiums, and concert halls. Find here a map of free Wi-Fi hotspots around Tallinn hosted by City of Tallinn.

Post Offices

Tallinn Post Office is located in the centre, at Narva maantee 1, and is open Mon-Fri 08.00-20.00, Sat-Sun 10.00-16.00 Ph. +372 617 7033, info@omniva.eewww.omniva.ee.
Toompea Post Office is located in the Old Town, at Lossi plats 4, and is open Mon-Fri 9.00-17.00.

Medical Services

For entry into Estonia no vaccinations or health certificates are required. Health insurance policy is optional.
Pharmacies are usually open from 10:00-19:00, but two of them stays open all night (Südameapteek - Tõnismägi 5, ph: +372 644 2282 and Vikerlase 16, ph: +372 638 4338).
Pharmacies in Shopping Centres are usually open from 9:00-21:00.
Ordinary medication is available in all pharmacies.
For travellers and visitors requiring dialysis treatment - read more about dialysis treatment centre.
In case of an accident or sudden illness, call for an ambulance free-of-charge from any phone: 112.


Free-of-charge call from any phone: 112.


Estonia's traffic laws regulate that wearing a luminous reflector on the right side of outer clothing, at night or in poor visibility conditions, particularly in winter, is compulsory.

Public Holidays 2015

1 January - New Year's Day
24 February - Independence Day: the 96th anniversary of the declaration founding the Republic of Estonia (1918)
03 April - Good Friday
05 April - Easter Sunday
1 May - Spring Day
24 May - Whitsunday
23 June - Victory Day
24 June - St. John's Day
20 August - Day of Restoration of Independence: Estonia regains independence after Soviet times
24 December - Christmas Eve
25 December - Christmas Day
26 December - Boxing Day

Power Supply

The electricity current is 220 volts AC, 50 Hz, European-style 2-pin plugs are in use.

Public toilets in Tallinn - view this Google map

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