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Department Stores & Shopping Centres


Shoppers on the lookout for local and international brands in fashion, shoes, cosmetics, electronics, toys and the like should head to one of the many new department stores in Tallinn – many of them just outside Old Town. Visitors from Western Europe and North America will find many familiar brands and worldwide chain stores. Department stores tend to be open late on weekdays and stay open on Sundays, which is great for those who happen to miss the opening times of smaller shops and boutiques.

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Department Stores & Shopping Centres, Shopping Centres

Viru 13/15
Viru 13/15


Shopping Centres
This small shopping centre in the heart of Old Town is a great place to shop for that one-of-a-kind fashion item or elegant souvenir.

Viru 1
Viru 1, Tallinn


Shopping Centres
Numerous shops offering fashion and footwear, for adults and children alike, play a starring role in this modern, downtown shopping centre.

Narva mnt 5
Narva mnt 5

Mon-Sat 10-20
Sun 10-19

Järve Shopping Centre

Shopping Centres
Located somewhat out of the centre, this sprawling mall sells everything from purses to puppies. Its main strength though is the large number ...

Pärnu mnt 238
Ph: +372 614 0211
Pärnu mnt 238, Tallinn
+372 614 0211
Mon-Sun 10-21

Kristiine Shopping Centre

Shopping Centres
One of Estonia's biggest malls, the Kristiine Centre is usually among the shopping destinations of choice for visiting travellers. Here you'll ...

Endla 45
Ph: +372 665 9100
Endla 45, Tallinn
+372 665 9100
Mon-Sun 10-21

Magistral Shopping Centre

Shopping Centres
This three-storey shopping centre in the Mustamäe residential suburb offers over 50 retail outlets, restaurants and services.

Sõpruse pst 201
Ph: +372 665 9100
Sõpruse pst 201, 13419 Tallinn
+372 665 9100
Mon-Sun 10-21


Shopping Centres
Though it's less extensive than neighbouring shopping centres, Melon is very much worth a visit for the hip styles it offers. It's also conveniently ...

Estonia pst 1
Estonia pst 1

Mustika Shopping Centre

Shopping Centres
This shopping centre in Mustamäe suburb offers everything from hardware to pet food. The 27 thousand square metre space hosts sixty shops including ...

A.H.Tammsaare tee 116
Ph: +372 697 9800
A.H.Tammsaare tee 116
+372 697 9800
Mon-Sat 10-20
Sun 10-18

Norde Centrum

Shopping Centres
A location close to the Passenger Port's D-terminal makes this small shopping centre convenient for anyone heading out on one of the Tallink ...

Lootsi 7
Ph: +372 669 8900
Lootsi 7, Tallinn
+372 669 8900

Mon-Sun 10-21

Rocca al Mare Shopping Centre

Shopping Centres
This extensive mall on the edge of town offers dozens of shops that feature top fashion brands, as well as others selling everything from snowboards to eye glasses.

Paldiski mnt 102
Ph: +372 665 9345
Paldiski mnt 102, Tallinn
+372 665 9345
Mon-Sun 10-21


Shopping Centres
The Harbour Market caters mainly to travellers heading through the adjacent ferry terminals. Here you'll find good deals on alcohol and cigarettes, ...

Kai 5
Ph: +372 661 4550
Kai 5, 10111 Tallinn
+372 661 4550
Mon-Sun 8-19

Sikupilli Shopping Centre

Shopping Centres
This retail centre near the airport is a particularly good spot for practical items like home and sporting goods, electronics and food.

Tartu mnt 87
Ph: +372 680 9500
Tartu mnt 87, Tallinn
+372 680 9500
Mon-Sun 10-21

Solaris Centre

Shopping Centres
The modern Solaris Centre is a combination shopping mall and cultural centre located right in the heart of the downtown area. In addition to ...

Estonia pst 9
Ph: +372 626 1111
Estonia pst 9
+372 626 1111
Mon-Sun 10-21


Shopping Centres
This extensive, multi-storey branch of Finland's most famous department store offers an impressive selection of international brands in fashion, ...

Liivalaia 53
Ph: +372 633 9539
Liivalaia 53, Tallinn
+372 633 9539
Mon-Sat 9-21
Sun 10-21

Tallinna Kaubamaja

Department Stores
By far Estonia's largest and best-established department store, the Kaubamaja has the widest selection of goods you'll find in the city. The ...

Gonsiori 2
Ph: +372 667 3100
Gonsiori 2, Tallinn
+372 667 3100
Mon-Sun 9-21

Telliskivi Shopping Street

Shopping Centres
Located at the heart of Telliskivi Creative City, this indoor shopping street differs greatly from your local supermarket. 

Telliskivi 60A
Ph: +372 504 7353
Telliskivi 60A, 10412 Tallinn
+372 504 7353
E-R 11-19
L 11-17

Viru Centre

Shopping Centres
The Viru Centre is by far the largest, busiest shopping mall in the downtown area. In addition to a healthy number of fashion outlets, it's home ...

Viru Väljak 4
Ph: +372 610 1444 · Fax: +372 610 1401
Viru Väljak 4, 10111 Tallinn
+372 610 1444
Mon-Sun 9-21

WW Passaaž

Shopping Centres
One of very few shopping centres within Old Town itself, the WW Passaaž is mostly home to fashion boutiques. It also has a café that's popular ...

Aia 3/ Vana- Viru 10
Ph: +372 627 1200
Aia 3/ Vana- Viru 10, Tallinn
+372 627 1200

Ülemiste Centre

Shopping Centres
With over 160 shops and services, this enormous mall near the airport stakes a claim to having the widest selection of any shopping complex in ...

Suur-Sõjamäe 4
Ph: +372 603 4999
Suur-Sõjamäe 4, Tallinn
+372 603 4999
Mon-Sun 10-21
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