XXIII Baroque Music Festival introduces the audience to a variety of finely processed musical diamonds as well as newly found iridescent pearls. The director and creative centre of the festival is Andres Mustonen, a violinist and a conductor, a versatile musician and a unique personality. He invites everyone to a musical winter festival with a wide range of performers. One thing is certain – every concert offers a unique and powerful thrill. 

This year’s festival starts with a cannonade – the National Opera stages Händel’s baroque opera Julius Caesar. In addition, the festival hosts Juri Bašmet together with the chamber orchestra the Moscow Soloists and the Rustavi Choir from Georgia. There is also a gourmet evening, where music and refreshments are equally important. Prepare yourself for excellent soloists and content-rich and deep programmes.

Creative director of the festival: Andres Mustonen


January 28 - February 4


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