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Culture Capital’s treats for early spring

March with Tallinn Card

Tallinn on Monday

Kumu 5

City Break brochure renewed

2011 promises continuous tourists growth

Cruise year summary in Tallinn

Parlez-vous français?

March 1, Tallinn City Tourist Office & Convention Bureau has launched its ninth language version of the Tallinn Tourism Portal.

French tourism has been on the rise every year since 2005. As of 2010, it is now in ninth place for all foreign markets.

The French market has shown one of the fastest growth rates of any country in Europe. A European Cities Marketing Survey in 2009, demonstrated that France holds second place as a country of origin for city tourism in Europe, with an average annual growth rate of 5 per cent.
Furthermore, French tourists tend to spend longer periods of time at a destination and are more likely to be interested in the culture and history of the city.

Due to this consistent growth and enormous potential, Tallinn City Tourist Office & Convention Bureau has decided to launch a French language page. Prior to this, tourism information in French was available in brochures “Une escapade en ville (City break) and “Carte de la ville” (City map).

Take a look at the Tallinn's Tourism Portal in French here.

Culture Capital’s treats for early spring

Tallinn continues to celebrate the title of European Capital of Culture in 2011 with many exciting events taking place in the coming months. Here are the spring highlight events:


Cinema in the City, March 1 – November 30
Location: different locations in Tallinn
Guerilla cinema declares war on tastelessness, indifference, megalomania, boredom and ignorance and does so by attempting to conquer cinema and city space metre by metre.

Object no. 2011: Inner world, throughout the month
Location: Vabaduse väljak (Freedom square)
This work is presented as an installation. It is knowingly naïve and clearly wants to do the impossible: condense the entire Estonian art world into one work.

Art bus “Hop on Art/ Hop off Art”, March 5 – May
Location: different locations in Tallinn
Every Saturday the art bus “Hop On Art / Hop Off Art” by the Estonian Academy of Arts will take you into the heart of art. See the foundries, handicraft centres, workshops, studios and factories where art is made.

Silent pictures go loud, until March 5
Location: Kumu Art Museum
Once, all films were silent. In 2011, Tallinn presents sea stories, a series of Estonian and world films where sound technicians will present different styles of maritime film and sound from Estonia and abroad.

Erkki-Sven Tüür's Awakening, March 10
Location: Estonia Concert Hall
Erkki-Sven Tüür, one of the best-known Estonian composers, is writing a new piece for the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir and Chamber Orchestra to mark Tallinn’s year as European Capital of Culture.

Estonian Music Days, March 21 – 26
Location: different concert venues in Tallinn
Representing a different taste, but meant for listeners with finely-tuned ears, the Estonian Music Days have been one of the country’s most important festivals for over 30 years, focusing on local composers, but balancing home-grown and foreign chamber music and more monumental work, and offering more and more genres and styles each year.

Tallinn Music Week, March 24 – 26
Location: different concert venues in Tallinn
Tallinn Music Week started in 2009 with a plan to introduce the entire world to Estonian music, from jazz and folk to punk and metal. A kind of crash course in Estonian music was born, which on one spring weekend in 2011 will fill all of Tallinn's clubs, theatres and cellar bars with the freshest and most exciting Estonian music there is.


International children's literature day – masked parade in Tallinn Old Town, April 2
Location: Tallinn Old Town
April 2 is Children’s Literature Day, and it will see children all over the world receive a message from Aino Pervik entitled ‘books remember’. A poster with the same message has been designed by Jüri Mildeberg.
A large procession of masks will take place in Tallinn’s Old Town, with hundreds of children from different parts of Estonia wearing masks inspired by their favourite literary heroes.

Punkt Tallinn – opening of Jazzkaar 2011, April 20 - 30
Location: different concert venues in Tallinn
The Norwegian Punkt festival has garnered worldwide fame due to its special concept: concerts are followed by free form interpretations of the music – a live remix – in which both the audience and musicians can participate. On 20 and 21 April, Punkt will visit Tallinn for the first time and open the 22nd Jazzkaar festival.

Cityrama Tallinn, April 20 – May 6
Location: Russian Theatre
According to writer Italo Calvino, a city is composed of the relations between its spatial dimensions and past events. Cityrama is an interactive installation and night-time performance uniting, at a state-of-the-art level, theatre and video installations, giving city life a boost and creating live and interactive television.

Giant Jazz: Bobby McFerrin, April 29
Location: Nokia Concert Hall
Bobby McFerrin is one of the most charismatic and unique artists in the music world today. A ten-time Grammy winner, he is well known as both a musician and conductor and had worked with a large number of symphony orchestras.

NO99 Straw Theatre, April 30 – September 30
Location: Skoone bastion
NO99 Straw Theatre is the biggest event especially created for the Culture Capital year. It is an installation, a public space and a venue for cultural events. Straw Theatre will be built on the Skoone bastion, next to the famous Old Town of Tallinn. It will be open from May to September 2011 and after that, it will disappear.

Contemporary art triennial for school kids: Experimenta!, April 26 - June 14
Location: Tallinn Song Festival Grounds and Maarjamäe Castle
Eksperimenta! is a contemporary art triennial for school kids. It is a unique art event that challenges education to break free from school walls and interact creatively with the world around us. The main topic of Eksperimenta! – Space – will bring to the Song Festival Grounds interpretations (ranging from city space to picture space and from geopolitics to psycho-geography) from curators from more than a dozen countries.

Culture Capital's full event calendar available here.

March with Tallinn Card

Make Tallinn Card an essential part of your enjoyment of the capital of culture as spring brings many exciting sites to see!

Free with Tallinn Card

Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design
In Estonia you need to wear gloves pretty much eight months in a year. Gloves are generally speaking thick rather than thin and big rather than small. So the distinct beauty of Estonian glove making stands out from other applied art items.
This exhibition presents the glove by Hilja Kulles, Selma Remme, Hilda Kruusi, Kler Hallik, Saima Loik, Lea Walter, Inge Nurmoja and Elgi Reemets. Brochures of the gloves are on display. The Exhibition is definitely an eye opener that beautifies an everyday, familiar item.

AHHAA Science Centre
Dialogue in the dark is a show which has attracted millions of people from all over the world, but has never been seen by anyone. Take a peek into the dark, accompanied by the support and encouragement of friendly tour guides.
The specially trained guides who are themselves blind are in their element. Here roles are swapped. The sighted need the help of the blind and vice versa.
The show's format was developed by Andreas Heinecke from Germany and this has become very popular. Exhibition in AHHAA's centre is a part of European Culture Capital Tallinn 2011 program where you can walk in Kadriorg park, take part in a boat trip near Tallinn and try tasty snacks in the coffee house.

Estonian Open Air Museum
March 5 – 8 the museum celebrates Shrove Tuesday by introducing old traditions and games related to the holiday and offering festive foods. Concerts, play and village festivity will also take place. 

Harju street Ice Rink
The outdoor ice rink is bringing joy to the crowds already for the 5th season. Skating around Old Town's ice rink is a great way for the whole family to get into the season's spirit. The Uisuplats is in a romantic setting, on Harju street next to St. Nicholas' Church.
One hour free skating and skate rental with Tallinn Card.

Discount ideas with Tallinn Card

Aqua Spa

This elaborate facility in the Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel near the Passenger Port is a fantastic place to soak or steam away your worries. Here you'll find just about every kind of water-based amenity you can think of, including indoor and outdoor pools, a salt water pool, a Turkish steam sauna, a hamam and a Finnish sauna.
One and an half hours of spa centre use -34% with Tallinn Card.

Estonia Concert Hall
Erkki-Sven Tüür’s Awakening, March 10
Erkki-Sven Tüür, one of the best-known Estonian composers, is writing a new piece for the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir and Chamber Orchestra to mark Tallinn’s year as European Capital of Culture.
With Tallinn Card -15% on one ticket.

More information about the tips of the month with Tallinn Card.

Tallinn on Monday

Tallinn's tourism website is now sharing ideas as to what to do in the city on a Monday.

As it is widely expected many of the museums close for a Monday, Tallinn City Tourist Office & Convention Bureau has gathered together information about places and activities that are open for visitors also on the first day of the week.

Among the smaller museums and attractions it is always good to remember that places like Tallinn Zoo, Estonian Open Air Museum, Tallinn Botanic Garden and AHHAA Science Centre are all open for visitors every Monday.

Full article available here.
More ideas about what to do in Tallinn available here.

Kumu 5

Five years ago, Kumu Art Museum opened its doors for the first time to the art loving visitors.

In the five years that Kumu has operated, it has organised many world class exhibitions, introducing international masters such as Joan Miró, Félicien Rops, Andy Warhol and John Constable creations. The museum has seen 70 exhibitions and been visited by 650 000 people. The director of Kumu Art Museum, Anu Liivak hopes to see the 1 millionth visitors by the end of the Cultural Capital year.

The museum continues to deliver exciting and captivating art projects throughout the Capital of Culture year. Apart from the usual opening times and ticket fares the museum is also offering free visits and has introduced so called “One Euro day” enabling visitors to enter the museum for an Euro.

This May 14 and 18, June 1 the museum offers free entry to all visitors.
April 20, September 7 and December 21 are  “One Euro day” in all Estonian Art Museums. On Wednesdays museums are now open until 8pm.

Full exhibition list of the Art Museums of Estonia available here.

More information at

City Break brochure renewed

The renewed Tallinn City Break brochure is now available again to order or download as PDF file.

This weighty brochure is packed with interesting content, comment and features.
The B5 format and 64 page renewed brochure is available in English, Finnish, Swedish, German and soon also in Russian.

The brochure is divided into themes based on the experiences Tallinn has to offer. This year Nõmme area in Tallinn is covered as well as new building projects like Tallinn TV-Tower and Seaplane Harbour.

Colourful descriptive text, dynamic design and lots of elegant pictures make this the most positive and original brochure the Tallinn City Tourist Office & Convention Bureau has yet produced. The brochure is also an invaluable guide as it lists accommodation establishments, contact information for most sightseeing places, museums, galleries, spas, restaurants and bars, shops. It all adds up to make this product essential both for tourism professionals and the general public.

To order the brochure please e-mail Eva Vint at Eva.vint@tallinnlv.ee 

Or simply download it from here.

2011 promises continuous tourists growth

In 2010 the number of tourists visiting Tallinn and spending nights in Tallinn's accommodation establishments increased considerably.

Tourist interest grew due to the favourable accommodation offers, improved transport connections and international sport- and music events. There were more cultural tourist than in previous years. Frequent visitor numbers were also up.

In 2010 1,29 million tourists (+14%) stayed in Tallinn's accommodation establishments, spending in total 2,29 million nights (+19%). The majority of the visitors (89% or 1,14 million people) staying at the Tallinn's accommodation establishments were from abroad.
The majority of tourists were from Finland (595 600), Russia (103 200), Sweden (59 300), Germany (57 800) and Latvia (37 700). The biggest rise was among the visitors from Finland (+61 000) and the fastest growing market was Russia (+47%). Also up, were the number of German (+17%), Swedish (+2%) and Latvian (+9%) tourists staying overnight.
Domestic visitor's number increased by 9%. In total there were 147 700 Estonian citizens staying overnight at Tallinn's accommodation establishments.
The average length of stay in Tallinn was 1,78 nights.

Seventy five per cent of accommodated tourists arrived for holidays, 24% were on a business trip (3% consisted of conference attendance) and the rest (1%) had other reasons for visiting Tallinn.

Culture Capital events, new tourist attractions and transport links are likely to bring even more visitors to the city in 2011.

Full statistical reports available here.

More information from Karen Alamets at karen.alamets@tallinnlv.ee

Cruise year summary in Tallinn

Tallinn Port received 280 visits last year from 45 cruise companies, which is 14% of all cruise ships' visits along the Baltic Sea. 

391 000 cruise passengers from 190 different countries visited Tallinn, most of them from Germany (19%), the USA (18%) and Great Britain (16%). A survey conducted by the Tallinn Port shows that the cruise passengers consider Tallinn a hospitable, clean and safe destination that they are happy to recommend to their friends and family members.
Active cruise season in Tallinn lasts from May until September. In 2010 the most popular month was August with 111 094 cruise passengers. 
Tallinn received two awards in 2010: Miami Dream World Cruise Destination's “Best destination experience (Independent)” and Bilbao Cruise News Media Group's “Best cruise port”.

Cruise Baltic Network's market overview shows that last year visits were made to the 27 Baltic Sea ports with in total 3,1 million cruise passengers. Receiving the biggest number of cruise passengers were Copenhagen, St Petersburg, Stockholm, Tallinn and Helsinki.
Bo Larsen, Director of Cruise Baltic says: “Looking forward, we are getting ready to welcome almost 3,5 million guest in 2011, which will be an all-time high and a number that no-one would have predicted just a few years ago. The reason for this is also due to an extended season that will begin early April and finish end of October, which is five weeks longer than the 2010 season.”

Similarly to last year, Tallinn expects to receive at least 390 000 cruise passengers in 2011.

Full market review of the the Cruise Baltic available here. 

More information from Tiina Kiibus at tiina.kiibus@tallinnlv.ee