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20.03.2012 From Russia with love

From Russia with love

Tallinn has become a very popular New Year’s and winter holiday destination for Russian tourists. The number of accommodated Russian tourists in Tallinn’s accommodation establishments has grown four times over the last four years making them, for the first time, the single largest nationality to visit the city.

In January altogether 85 000 (+5%) tourists stayed at Tallinn’s accommodation establishments. Compared to same period in the previous year the number of foreign tourists is up, but the number of domestic tourists has decreased. Most of the accommodated tourists (87%) where foreign tourists from neighbouring countries. 
The main countries were Russia (28 000), Finland (24 500) and Sweden  (2 700). From priority markets the number of tourists grew most among Russians (5 400 tourists from Russia, +24%), fastest growing market was among Norwegians (600 tourists from Norway, +39%). On the rise were also accommodated tourists numbers from Sweden (+3%) and Germany (+14%). Compared to same period last year, tourist numbers from Finland, Latvia and Great Britain were in decline (accordingly -7%, -5%, -2%). 

The first weeks of January saw many Russian cruise visitors in Tallinn. According to the Port of Tallinn statistics approximately 9 000 cruise passengers travelled to Tallinn with the New Year cruises.

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