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02.06.2011 Tallinn's beaches

Tallinn's beaches


Tallinn is a seaside city where you can relax on a sandy beach. There are several public beaches widely used by the locals and visitors alike.

Three nearby islands which can be reached by boat offer a more private, scenic, beach experience while the popular beaches near the city centre offer relaxing pass time opportunities for the working crowd.
The official public beaches are secured.  Life guards operate between 9am and 8pm. A “Traffic light” flag system shows whether the sea is safe for swimming or not and information boards show air and water temperatures.
Drinks, snacks and other goods are usually sold at the kiosks on the beach. Depending on location, different water-related activities are available.  

Pirita beach

Just a short bus drive away in the neighbourhood of Pirita Olympic Yacht Harbour is the much loved Pirita beach. With its white, sandy, beach and beautiful, pine, forest, this place is very popular among Tallinners in summer to swim or sunbath and in the rest of the year to walk or jog.
It's an official beach so lifeguards are on hand. There are also playgrounds for children and beach ball courts.

Nearby sights and museums: St. Bridget's Convent, Tallinn Botanic Gardens, Estonian History Museum – Maarjamäe Palace, and coming soon the Tallinn TV-tower.
Restaurants nearby: Kalev Yacht Club, Pärl, Regatta & Seaside Lounge.
Transport: buses 1A, 6, 8, 34A and 38 stop at Pirita stop.  Car parking is available.

Stroomi beach
On the other side of the city is another sandy beach in the Pelgulinn area. This beach and park are best for the little ones as it has a lot of playgrounds and lovely long pathways which are perfect for cycling and roller blading.
It is also an official beach with lifeguards on spot.

The tree lined path leads to Rocca al Mare, home to Tallinn Zoo, the Estonian Open Air Museum and a shopping mall.

Transport: buses 3, 40 and 48 stop at Pelguranna stop.

Island beaches
Aegna, Naissaar and Prangli islands all vary a bit, but they all have beautiful coastlines with sandy beaches and pristine nature. The islands are the perfect get-away for those seeking solitude. The island beaches are remote with no lifeguards. Snacks and drinks should also be brought with. 
Read more about how to get on the island from here.  

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