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14.06.2012 Record number of satisfied travellers in 2011

Record number of satisfied travellers in 2011

A total of 1 498 500 tourists have stayed in Tallinn’s accommodation establishments, and 438 000 cruise passengers visited the European Cultural Capital in 2011. 

Most (89%) accommodated visitors were foreign tourists from neighbouring countries (Finland, Sweden, Russia and Latvia). Due to improved flight connections with European cities, the number of visitor from Britain and Germany increased rapidly. The highest number of foreign visitors arrived from Finland (595 500), Russia (142 700), Germany (73 200), Great Britain (64 400), Sweden (64 000) and Latvia (44 500). The largest increase in number of visitors was from Russia, the fastest growth was in the British market. Among cruise passengers, most were residents from Germany, USA, UK and Spain. 

Tallinn City Tourist Office & Convention Bureau in co-operation with TNS Emor conducted a survey into foreign visitors in Tallinn. The aim of the survey was to increase the number of foreign visitors in Tallinn and to find out details of their spending and activities in the city. 
The survey concluded that in 2011 all together 2.72 million foreign visitors (including 1.55 million accommodated tourists along with the travellers staying with friends or family members, 0.79 million one day visitors and 0.438 million cruise passengers) visited the Medieval gem. Foreign visitors are satisfied with the services in Tallinn and plan to revisit the city in near future. 

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