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09.07.2012 Audio guides now at Botanical garden

Audio guides now at Botanical garden

Tallinn Botanical garden is now equipped with audio guides that introduce the flora in more detail and are even suitable for people with vision or hearing disabilities. Audio guide concentrates on the more interesting plants and plant groups. All spices covered with audio guide are marked with red labels on the information boards. Using audio guides is free for visitors. Voice over material is available in English, Russian, Finnish and Estonian.
So next time you are in the Botanical garden, don’t forget to ask for the audio guide at the counter.
Blooming in July at the grounds are 64 different spices and types of summer flowers, countless types of roses at the rose garden, over 200 of white peonies and many more eye catching beauties.

Visiting the Botanical garden with Tallinn Card is free of charge. Adult ticket price 3.50 Euros on the spot. 
More information from www.botaanikaaed.ee
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