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19.06.2007 Smoking is restricted in Estonia

Smoking is restricted in Estonia


A provision of Tobacco Act prohibiting smoking in catering and entertainment establishments where there is no separate smoking room entered into force in Estonia on June 5.

From now on, in restaurants, cafés, bars, pubs, night- and other clubs smoking is allowed only in a special smoking room, which establishments may choose to set up. Clients will not be served in the smoking room and it is not permitted to take even a coffee cup into the room. For the present, smoking is allowed on the outdoor terraces of catering establishments.

Among entertainment establishments there are exceptions for the gambling halls of casinos, where smoking is allowed if strict special requirements on ventilation are satisfied. Cigar houses also modified their premises and ventilation systems, but they weren’t included among the exceptions.

All establishments are obliged to call to order a client who is smoking in a place which is not allotted for it. If their warnings are ignored, the personnel may call the police, who can punish the offender with a fine of up to 1200 kroons. An establishment which violates the Act will be punished with a fine of up to 30 000 kroons.

The Tobacco Act was passed in spring 2005, but the establishments were given two years to make their premises correspond the new requirements if they wished to do so.

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