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14.04.2014 Cinema complex will open at Tallinn Viimsi Spa

Cinema complex will open at Tallinn Viimsi Spa


In May, a cinema complex will open in Viimsi which will be a part of Tallinn Viimsi Spa’s leisure centre development and will among other features be equipped with a 5D experience cinema.
Viimsi cinema is a part of the soon to be opened adventure and game centre, which is connected to a leisure centre and a spa and waterpark. The four halls of the cinema complex will be equipped with state of the art technology. The cinema theatres will feature the Auro 11.1 sound system, which is unique in all the Baltic States and will give special effects a 3D-audio sound, which is much more diverse than the surround-sound systems that have been used so far.

In addition, Viimsi spa will have a stereoscopic 3D cinema which can be enjoyed with new, lighter 3D glasses. One cinema hall will be equipped with 5D experience cinema technologies, which will add several sensory effects to the 3D images on screen, such as moving seats, vibrations, splashes of water etc.

The halls will also be used to hold concerts, theatre performances and conferences and in the fall, Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival will screen some films in its programme in Viimsi.

Visitors will also be able to spend time in a 1000 square meter children’s centre, which is planned to include a discovery centre and planetarium. In addition to the cinema complex, Viimsi Spa will open an English pub and a sauna centre which will feature a Turkish bath – hamam.

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