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19.07.2012 Culture-chicken in the city

Culture-chicken in the city

Growing chickens in city areas with small gardens is no news in most parts of the world. The coastal area around the Cultural hub (Kultuurikatel) on the Kalaranna was once industrial area, forgotten and closed during the Soviet era. In 2011 the area opened up to its citizens and visitors due to the Culture Capital title. Now young and creative people are trying to maximise the area's potential. The cultural hub’s garden (Kultuurikatla Aed) is now open and the “CultureChicken” (KultuuriKanad) have found their home there. Young architects built and designed the closed area and shed. Close-by the visitors can take a seat to observe the chicken’s daily life. Our feathery friends are expected to lay eggs to make omelettes or pancakes at the café Rebu on spot. Chicken and the rooster will return to their country side home for the winter. 
More information at www.kultuurikatel.ee.
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