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03.07.2012 Tallinn Card recommends in July

Tallinn Card recommends in July

Sunny and warm summer is best time for family vacations. For great experiences it’s not necessary to head out from the city as Tallinn has many exciting activities to offer even for the very little visitors. Whether its outdoor activity, cool museums or brand new attractions, Tallinn Card has a long list to choose from making the visit a little easier on the wallet. 

This fun, high-tech museum gives visitors a behind-the-scenes look at the theatre, outlining its history and displaying dozens of the puppets that have starred in its popular plays.
Exhibits include puppets from around the World, and a "Chamber of Horrors" where the "scarier" puppets are safely corralled. The glass bridge leads to the workshops where puppets are created and artists in action can be followed.
Dozens of interactive video screens throughout the museum add to the experience. At the museum's "e-mail office" you can even turn your own photo into a puppet character and either e-mail it to yourself or, for a small fee, have it made into a souvenir button or key chain to take home with you. 
Little ones can make a wish at the wishing well by throwing a coin or stamping out their own special NUKU coin. Entrance with Tallinn Card is free of charge.

Here you can try your hand at a number of interactive displays and take entertaining quizzes. Don't miss the amazing 4D cinema, where films come alive with added sensory effects. AHHAA centre in Tallinn is the smaller version of the vast science centre in South Estonia's city Tartu.
The new display “AHHAA, sound of physics!” explores what defines music and opens minds to the diverse world of sounds. Visitors can make music or sounds with different instruments and learn about the physics of sounds. This is a hands-on exhibition, making music visible and explaining it in terms of physics and mathematics. Smaller visitors can dig for treasures in the indoor sandpit.
Entrance is free with Tallinn Card (except the 4D cinema).

Those visiting Kadriorg with children will definitely want to put this family-oriented museum on their to-do list. Built in a 1930s-era recreational centre, Miia-Milla-Manda offers fun, creative activities for 3 to 11 year-olds. Its exhibits are based around the theme of friendship. 
The café at the museum, playground on the door step and vast virtually traffic free Kadriorg park surrounding the museum makes this place the child-friendliest place to be in all kinds of weather. 
Museum entrance with Tallinn Card is free.

Just as the name implies, this little museum is home to all sorts of dolls, teddy bears and other toys, ranging from traditional folk dolls to the more familiar Teletubbies. The rarest item in the collection is a 250-year-old rococo fashion doll from Holland. 
Entrance is free with Tallinn Card.

If it hops, flies or slithers, you can find it at the Tallinn Zoo. Spread across an 87-hectare swathe of forested land, the zoo boasts one of Northern Europe's best collections of animals.
The list of its residents includes rhinos, vultures, camels, polar bears, pythons, lions, bison and dozens of other species. You can visit the crocodiles and chimpanzees in the Tropical House, or make your way over to the elephant house to see a pygmy hippo, a chinchilla, various snakes and, of course, elephants.
The zoo happens to have one of the best collections of mountain goats and sheep in the World, but its real stars are its incredibly rare Amur leopards; only 30 to 35 of these animals still exist worldwide. 
Kids will love the petting zoo, which operates here June to August, on Wednesday to Sunday. 
Visiting the zoo is free with Tallinn Card, enter from the main gate on Paldiski mnt.

This motorised go-carting track offers a full 300m of twists, turns and thrills. Best of all, it's an indoor track that's completely immune to weather and stays open all year. Visitors can relax in the sauna or take a break in the café. Group competitions can also be arranged, complete with trophies and sparkling wine! Advance booking recommended.
With Tallinn Card 8 minutes of go-carting -50%.

This adventure centre in Õismäe district has a number of activities designed to get your adrenaline pumping, including paint ball games and a 730m motorised go-cart track. Those with less need for speed can try out the café and sauna facilities.
With Tallinn Card 10 minutes of go-carting at 50% discount.

A boat, two oars and some good company are all you need for a romantic row around the winding Pirita river, and this waterside enterprise can supply the first two. Kayaks for the adventurous and water bikes suitable for children are also available. 
The gorgeous, green marshland of Pirita area that leads to the mouth of the river offers a number of channels to explore, one of which affords a unique view of the ruins of St. Bridget’s convent. 
One hour boat rental free with Tallinn Card.

Don’t forget the discounts with Tallinn Card in many of the restaurants and cafés, design- and handicraft shops, excursions and entertainment offers. 

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