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12.05.2012 Arial acrobatics above the newly opened Seaplane Harbour

Arial acrobatics above the newly opened Seaplane Harbour


Region’s biggest sea centre the Seaplane Harbour (Lennusadam in Estonian) opens to public on May 12 at 10am. To accommodate all the interested museum visitors, the maritime heaven stays open 33 hours nonstop for the first weekend.

Jet airplanes will throw a show to celebrate the opening both on May 12 and 13 at 3.30pm (in case of bad weather the may be changes in the program).

The museum's display, that comprises of more than a couple of hundred large exhibits, revitalises the colourful history of Estonia.

British built submarine Lembit weighing 600 tones, is the centrepiece of the new museum.
Another exciting attraction is a full-scale replica of Short Type 184, a British pre-World War II seaplane, which was also used by the Estonian armed forces. Short Type 184 has earned its place in military history by being the first aircraft ever to attack an enemy’s ship with an air-launched torpedo.
Simulators mimicking a flight above Tallinn, around-the-world journey in a yellow submarine, navigating on the Tallinn bay making this museum heaven for kids or adventurous adults. 

Seaplane Harbour operates in architecturally unique hangars built almost a century ago, in 1916 and 1917, as a part of Peter the Great sea fortress. These hangars are the World’s first reinforced concrete shell structures of such a great size.

On the outdoor area visitors can tour a collection of historic ships, including the Suur Tõll, Europe's largest steam-powered icebreaker.

Entrance to the whole complex is be free with Tallinn Card.

Follow the opening weekend programme from www.lennusadam.eu.

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