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04.05.2012 Tallinn Card recommends in May

Tallinn Card recommends in May

The warmer weather has brought back many seasonal attractions along with two great new discoveries. 

From a viewing platform, beneath the clouds, take in the scenic beauty of the town and surrounding countryside. Tour the 314 metre and watch a 3D film, all part of an interactive exhibition on the history of this great Estonian achievement. If you need a rest, there is a café halfway up.
You can view a special panorama programme which magnifies the view by a factor of ten. You can record video greetings in the tower’s television studio and broadcast them globally. The tower will eventually play host to concerts, performances, exhibitions and open air events throughout the year. 
Entrance with Tallinn Card in fast line is free.

The region’s biggest sea centre, the Seaplane Harbour (Lennusadam in Estonian), gears up to open to public on May 12. To accommodate all the interested museum visitors, Seaplane Harbour stays open 33 hours non-stop for the first weekend. 
The museum's display, that comprises of more than a couple of hundred large exhibits, will  tell part the colourful history of Estonia.
British built submarine Lembit weighs in at 600 tones and is the centrepiece of the new museum. 
Another exciting attraction is a full-scale replica of the Short Type 184, a British pre-World War II seaplane, which was also used by the Estonian armed forces. The Short Type 184  earned its place in military history as the first aircraft to attack an enemy ship with an air-launched torpedo. 
Other exhibits include; simulators of a flight above Tallinn, an around-the-world journey in a yellow submarine and navigation on the Tallinn bay, making this museum heaven for kids  of all ages.  
Seaplane Harbour operates in architecturally unique hangars built almost a century ago, in 1916 and 1917, as a part of Peter the Great sea fortress. These hangars are the World’s first reinforced concrete shell structures of such great size. 
In the outdoor area, visitors can tour a collection of historic ships, including the Suur Tõll, Europe's largest steam-powered icebreaker.
Entrance to the whole complex will be free with Tallinn Card

There's no better way to see Tallinn's Medieval skyline and picturesque coast than taking a sailing tour on the Kajsamoor, a wooden, gaff-rigged schooner built in 1939. During the two hour excursion you'll hear stories of port life, pirates and smugglers, see the architecturally unique Seaplane Harbour hangars and cruise the bay. 
The galley will serve you a hearty soup to keep you going.
With Tallinn Card 50% discount. 

This full-day tour takes you to Prangli, the closest island to capital city Tallinn that has preserved its native culture since the 13th century. The all-inclusive package tour comes complete with transfers from the Tallinn city centre, ferry transport to the island, a truck excursion with an English-speaking tour guide and lunch. During the day there is also two hours of free time to; explore the island's wild nature, take walks on the beach, visit the island hamlet and buy souvenirs in the small shop. Advance bookings recommended. 
With Tallinn Card 15% discount. 

This ferry ride takes you to legendary Naissaar (Women's Island), a former military base and nature area just off Tallinn's coast. On the island you can explore the sights, which include artillery stations, a Soviet sea mine factory, a working railway, museum, church and a restaurant. Jeep/truck tours, bike rental and lunch vouchers are available. Advance bookings required.
With Tallinn Card 50% discount. 

This hour-long coastline cruise offers wonderful views of the Tallinn panorama and coastline. It takes you to picturesque Pirita area, home of the magnificent ruins of St. Bridget's Convent, and the city's 1980s Olympic yachting centre. The trip departs from D-terminal in the city centre and includes complimentary wine or water on board. Advance bookings required.
With Tallinn Card 50% discount. 

A great day out for nature lovers, this bus and boat tour takes you through one of Estonia's best-preserved ecosystems - Matsalu National Park. Here you'll get the chance to see the area's migratory birds and flowering plants. In May, the tour focuses on watching the migratory birds at the south shore of Matsalu, with a boat trip on the river in the reeds. In June and July the blooming plants (including orchids) of the coastal and wooded meadows are the real attraction. If weather permits, the group will take the boat out onto Matsalu Bay (or onto the river, if conditions are windy). During the summer months you can visit fascinating cultural and historic sites. In August and September, you'll watch the birds on the north shore of Matsalu and the boat trip takes place either on the bay or on the river, depending on the weather. The trip even includes a picnic meal with local farmers.
With Tallinn Card 10% discount. 

Lahemaa National Park, a swathe of Northern Estonian coastal territory famous for its stunning landscape, regal manor houses and quaint fishing villages, is by far the most popular day-trip from Tallinn. Conducted in English, this 6-hour bus tour starting from Viru Hotel covers all of the area’s major sights, including the fascinating Palmse, Sagadi and Vihula manors.
With Tallinn Card 10% discount. 

Cycling is a perfect way to explore Lahemaa, a peaceful national park east of Tallinn that’s home to historic manor houses, seaside villages and natural beauty. The tour price includes bike rental, route map, safety equipment, mineral water and bus transport to and from Lahemaa. A minimum of two participants, book by 7pm the day before. 
With Tallinn Card 15% discount. 

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