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14.06.2012 Visit virtual Tallinn!

Visit virtual Tallinn!

The 3D Tallinn Old Town simulation covering 121-hectares of the city is now ready! 

Anyone interested in this Medieval gem can discover the old by way of the new, via modern, computing technology. 
With a virtual eye, you can enjoy views from; inside hidden courtyards, from viewing platforms and from the sky. 
The simulation comes with information on the buildings' history, architecture, and current usage all presented in a tour of the Old Town. You can view old photographs, videos and audio clips, locate restaurants, cafés, hotels and other recreational facilities. 
The buildings are visually similar to the real thing being both proportionally correct and placed in the right location. Old Town is one of the two sites in Estonia listed in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. 
3D simulation of Tallinn’s Medieval Old Town is the work of the Tallinn City Planning Department in cooperation with other municipal departments and partners. The project is funded by the European Union’s Structural Funds under the “Development of Information Society” measure.

Start your tour from here: www.3d.tallinn.ee

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