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11.01.2012 Tallinn Card recommends in January

Tallinn Card recommends in January

Winter time is the perfect time for museums and exhibitions. Tallinn card package in 2012 includes up to 40 museums and sights, all free with this special card in your pocket. Many of the museums offer workshops or activities for both young and old. 

An dazzling display of bracelets is on display at the beginning of the year. People have worn and believed in the magical power of jewellery since pre-history. Adamson Eric Museum proudly presenting bracelets in the style of different eras. Adamson-Eric (1902-1968) was one of the most versatile Estonian artists of the 20th century. He worked in a number of disciplines ranging from oil paints to furniture design. His creations, displayed in this medieval-merchant-house-turned-museum, include bright oil paintings, cave paintings on teapots, inventive jewellery and a variety of other items. Entrance with Tallinn Card is free of charge

Maarjamäe Palace is home to a large-scale exhibition devoted to the Republic of Estonia. It tells the story of the birth, growth, demise and rebirth of the Estonian republic. The story  of a   nation's struggle for freedom and self-determination in the last century is told through visual medium and physical artefacts. The museum boasts rare photographs and film material. Entrance with Tallinn Card is free of charge. 

The mysterious, rambling, triangular, shape towering above the trees next to Pirita River belongs to the ruins of St. Bridget's Convent. Founded in 1407 as part of a Swedish religious order, St. Bridget's was the largest convent in the Livonian territories. It operated until the forces of Ivan the Terrible destroyed it during the Livonian war in 1577.
In addition to its 35-metre gabled façade, visitors to the ruins can see several walls, staircases and cellars, as well as a farmer's cemetery developed here in the 17th century.
The walls of the main structure are still standing, making it an excellent venue for outdoor performances. 
Nearby is the modern building of the St. Bridgettine Order, who re-established a convent here in 2001. Entrance to the ruins with Tallinn Card free of charge.  
When in the area make sure to make to most of this seaside hotel and Spa complex. With its unique architecture, it's the perfect spot to relax, leave your tensions behind and restore your body's natural equilibrium. A number of therapies, including a salt chamber, are available, as are beauty treatments, saunas, a 25m swimming pool, gym, restaurant, café and shops. Ten per cent discount with Tallinn Card.

A far cry from the typical handicraft outlet, this shop features a wide array of contemporary design items made from Estonia's colourful folk patterns. Here you'll find everything from clothing and footwear to bed linen, decorative pillows, umbrellas and even wallpaper, all with a distinctly Estonian look. Wooden toys and puzzles are also available. With Tallinn Card 15% discount. 

You can get great offers at design and handicraft shops with Tallinn Card Find out more about it here

Tallinn’s cosy restaurants and cafés are a treat for visitors in January. Try out Tallinn Card’s new partners: 

Right in the heart of Old Town you’ll find a fine restaurant known for serving exceptional food in distinctive surroundings. Maikrahv, built in a 15th-century town house, offers an inviting, medieval atmosphere and a selective array of international cuisine. For a unique drink experience, try the house shot or the kir royal. 10% discount with Tallinn Card.

The excellent cafés in Meriton Grand Conference & Spa Hotel and Meriton Old Town Garden Hotel offer cosy surroundings as well as fresh cakes, pastries, quiches and salads - all made right on the spot! Daily soup specials and convenient, wireless internet connections make the Mademoiselle cafés all the more inviting. 10% discount with Tallinn Card.

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