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09.12.2011 New bohemian treat Kamahouse

New bohemian treat Kamahouse

Kamahouse (Kopli 25) is a meeting place with community feel to it and a hub of different art studios. 
Once a factory of furniture the Standard house is now home to smaller businesses and local bohemian style meeting point-restaurant. Kamahouse’s open kitchen under the rule of head chef Alo Stamm concentrates on simple foods made from local produce. Next to the restaurant stands a shop selling not so well known drinks, produce of the kitchen and local small businesses. 

Opening times are perfect for the breakfast goers as the restaurant opens on weekdays at 8am. From Tuesday to Saturday Kamahouse stays open until midnight making it a great pass time place. 

Kama is a national drink in Estonia particularly popular in the summer season. Kama is a mixture of roasted barley, rye, oat and pea flour. Estonians traditionally mix the kama flour with sour milk or yoghurt.

Trams no 1 and 2 take you there from central (Angerja stop).    
More information at www.kamahouse.net or www.facebook.com/Kamahouse  

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