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01.08.2011 Culture Capital’s treats for August and September

Culture Capital’s treats for August and September


Tallinn continues to celebrate the title of European Capital of Culture with many thrilling events taking place in the coming months. Here are some of the highlights:


Nõmme Jazz Summer Festival, August 5 - 6
Location: Nõmme
In 2011 Nõmme Jazz is a major summer festival under the pines of Nõmme. The programme will feature a variety of syncopated music styles. The emphasis will be on jazz, but ethnic, rock and pop music will be thrown into the mix.

New Circus Festival “The Circus Tree“, August 5 – 13
Location: Kadriorg park and Tallinn Old Town
This international contemporary circus festival will introduce youth circus to the public. The festival brings together performers from all over Europe featuring performances of young circus artists as well as professional circus troupes.

Traditional Culture Day - PäriMusi, August 6 - 7
Location: Freedom square
The traditional culture day presents the vibrant, distinctive, regional and ethnic cultural legacy of Estonia. Amateur groups and solo folklorists will come to the capital from the island of Kihnu, the Seto region, Viru and Võru, Tartu and the larger islands.

August Dance Festival, August 15 - 31
Location: Kanut Guild house
A month-long event showcasing the latest trends in international contemporary dance.

Birgitta Festival, August 13 - 21
Location: St. Bridget’s Convent ruins
The Tallinn Philharmonic Society presents several days of outdoor concerts set in the stunning ruins of St. Bridget's convent.

Chain Dance, August 20 – 28
Different locations all over Estonia
This folk dance event will start on Town Hall Square in Tallinn at 9.30am on August 20 and aims to continue, uninterrupted, through each and every county of Estonia.

Song of Freedom, August 20
Location: Tallinn Song Festival Grounds
This massive event at Tallinn's Song Festival Grounds will feature rock and pop musicians from Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Ireland and Norway to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the restoration of independence of the Republic of Estonia and to kick-off the Iceland Day event.

Wagner's opera Parsifal, August 25 - 28
Location: Noblessner Foundry
In the impressive Noblessner Foundry, by the sea, Wagner’s last opera and one of his most expressive piece of works, “Parsifal” will be performed within the frameworks of “European Capital of Culture Tallinn 2011”.

60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero, August 25
Location: Tallinn bay area
This open-air cinema session features short films made by directors from all over the world especially for the event. It is both the première and finale of this film anthology – as part of the ceremony, the sole copy of the film will be burnt after the screening.

Towers of Tallinn, August 25 - 27
Location: Tallinn Old Town
This festival connects Tallinn’s history with more modern art and takes an inside look at the famous ‘sprat tin’ city skyline of spires.

Night of Ancient Lights, August 27
Different locations along the coast
An old tradition of lighting bonfires along the coast is alive again.


Sounds of the City Wall, September 1
Different locations in Tallinn old Town
“Sounds of the City Wall” is a concert which begins in one of the Old Town's towers then moves on to the next. The chain of music begins in the Nunnatorn, before making its way via the Sauna, Kuldjala, Nunnadetagune, Loewenchede, Köismäe, Plate, Eppingi and Grusbeke towers to its final stop, the rooftop of Fat Margaret's tower.

Exciting fruits from all over the World, September 1 – 9
Location: Tallinn Botanic Garden
The exhibition savours local fruit as well as those brought along from faraway countries. For example, they expose rather rare edible and non-edible fruit of balsa, golden shower tree, called barringtonia, bauhinia and royal poinciana.

Uus Maailm street festival, September 3 – 4
Location: Uus Maailm district
The fifth street festival in the series is the event of the year for the Uus Maailm or New World Society: a distillation of the organisation’s core values. The event is different each time, but undisputedly has a local face.

Arvo Pärt Days of Nargen Festival, until September 11
Different venues in Tallinn
The end of the festival concentrates on the work of the world famous Estonian composer.

Plektrum Festival, September 8 – 18
Different locations in Tallinn
Plektrum brings the spirit of the world’s great modern metropolises to Tallinn, demonstrating how contemporary culture, art, music and education blend.

SEB Tallinn Marathon, September 11
Location: Tallinn Freedom square
The largest public sports event in the Baltic States will bring thousands of participants from dozens of countries to Tallinn. This event is meant for the whole family, there is a full marathon for the hardy, a half-marathon, a 10 km Nordic walk and children’s activities.

Tallinn Fashion Week, September 14 – 16
Location: Puppet Theatre NUKU
Tallinn Fashion Week will see shows by several designers, exhibition of fashion drawings (opening already August 18 at Rottermann centre), seminars and collection presentations by local designers Liisi Eesmaa, Tanel Veerne and Aldo Järvsoo.

Tallinn Chamber Music Festival, September 14 – 25
Different venues in Tallinn
The Tallinn Chamber Music Festival is a major event in professional music in Estonia, giving audiences the chance to enjoy and take pride in the country’s most outstanding singers and musicians.

Estonian Bread Day and autumn fair, September 18
Location: Estonian Open Air Museum
Bread Day offers a look at what Estonians have eaten throughout history. At the traditional autumn fair, all of the finest victuals will be available to purchase. 

Culture Capital's full event calendar available here.

Cultural highlights also on the front page of Tallinn Tourism website.

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