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30.06.2011 Estonian History Museum open again

Estonian History Museum open again


One of Tallinn's oldest and most venerable public buildings, the Great Guild Hall on Pikk street, Old Town, is welcoming  visitors with a new exposition of Estonia's history. 

This 600-years old building houses; both distinguished formal rooms, and, closed cellar spaces which has never been seen by the public before.
An attractive exhibition entitled “Spirit of Survival: 11 000 Years of Estonian History” helps visitors to understand the extraordinary nature of the Estonian people, through events that have shaped them for millennia.
The coin cabinet “Making a fast buck” displays sundry ways of payment seen on Estonian soil throughout the history.
The cellar rooms “Power of the Elite” showcase the history of the museum building itself. The weapons chamber presents wars and arms through the ages. There is even a show demonstrating how each gun operated and what sound it would have made when fired. 
 “The Spirit of Things” exhibition taken from the museum's archives, highlights items with a character and history.
The little courtyard “Road of History” exhibit presents things ideal for the little visitors.
All this plus an interactive time capsule, which takes visitors into the past, makes the museum an exiting new sightseeing spot.

The newly renovated museum will be open every day from 10am to 6pm during the summer months.
From September until the end of April the museum will be closed on Wednesdays.
Ticket costs 5 euros or discounted ticket 3 euros per person.
Visiting the museum with Tallinn Card is free of charge.

More information about the museum from www.ajaloomuuseum.ee.


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