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Tallinn Official City Guide is packed with offline information on attractions, restaurants and events. The most useful part of the app is layered offline map. All information is stored on your phone after an initial update – no data roaming charges! The app works with Android 2.1 and more, it also works with older HTC (Desire) and Samsung phones (smaller apk). The app is also available for iPhones.
Feedback is appreciated. Please send your thoughts to feedback@tallinnlv.ee.

To get the app directly to your mobile, please scan appropriate QRC:

 for Android
 for iOS

Useful apps about Tallinn that help you discover the city on your own:

Ieva from Riga, Latvia about Like A Local Guide:

First of all, I'd like to thank your team, because "Like A Local Guide" is really great, both for tourists and locals.

First time I heard about it, I found a city map of Riga in a cafe. I opened it, started reading and took it home with me. I read it all and found some tips about places that I didn't know existed and some true things about places I like. So it felt real and I followed some tips and now I know more interesting places in my city to go to.

I registered because next week I'm going to Tallinn and I wanted to explore the city before I went there. I remembered the great tips I read before about Riga and hoped that I'll find some things that I like in Tallinn. So now I'm exploring and it's nice, because in other tourist guides there is nothing written about underground places and there are not that much guides made for students and their wallets.

And YES, I found what I was looking for and I will keep looking, maybe I will find something, that I didn't even seek.

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