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Business and commerce

Aatrium sisustuskaubamaja

Pärnu mnt. 234 Map
Ph: +372 614 0404; +372 614 0408 · Homepage

Agenda Kinnisvara OÜ

Mustamäe tee 5 Map

A&G Textile kauplus

Kadaka tee 46 A Map

Akadeemia Säästumarket

Kadaka tee 76f Map

Alkopood Regalia

Tuulemaa 21 Map

Apollo Raamatumaja

Viru 23 Map

Arvutisalong Pcsto

Sõle 86/Kopli 69a Map

Ascar Tallinn

Peterburi tee 1 Map

Asko Sisustuskaubamaja

Peterburi tee 50c Map

Autenor OÜ

Kalda 7B Map

Autokauplus ja Rattapood

Valdeku 120 Map


Kadaka tee 42 C Map

Betti kauplus

Kopli 73 Map

Büroomaailm Kadaka

Kadaka tee 1 Map

Büroomaailm Peterburi

Peterburi tee 92E Map


Ädala 8 Map

Catwees OÜ Tallinna keskus - Honda esindus

Pärnu mnt 139 Map

Comarket Kadriorg

Narva mnt. 90 Map

Comarket Marja

Mustamäe tee 45 Map

Comarket Nõmme

Jaama 2 Map

Comarket Pallasti

Pallasti 21 Map

Comarket Valdeku

Vabaduse pst. 54B Map

De La Gardie

Viru 13/15 Map

Ecoclean keemiline puhastus

Mustamäe tee 12 Map

Eesti Energia

Laki 24 Map

Eesti Energia Klienditeenindus

Kadaka tee 63 Map

Eesti Krediidipank Nõmme kontor

Jaama 1A Map

Eesti Loto AS

Pärnu mnt 106 Map

Eesti Tekstiil AS Kangapood

Kadaka tee 44 Map

Effex Elektrikaubad ja materjalid

Ehitajate tee 108 Map

Ehituse ABC Kadaka

Kadaka tee 65 Map

Ehituse ABC Peterburi

Peterburi tee 71 Map


Mustamäe tee 69 Map

EKS Konsum Mustamäe

Mustamäe tee 12 Map

Ekstra kauplus

Odra 18 Map

Elioni müügiesindus Endla

Endla 16 Map


Mustamäe tee 22 Map

Elmastor kauplus

Kopli 69k Map

E-LUX Kodutehnika

Mustamäe tee 24 Map


Valge 16 Map

EMT ja Elioni äriteenindus

Pärnu mnt. 104 Map

ERGO Kindlustuse AS (kahjukäsitlus)

Tammsaare tee 118c Map

Esma Auto

Paldiski mnt 100 Map

Expert Köögimööbli ja Tehnikasalong

Pärnu mnt. 186 Map

Fakto Auto AS

Osmussaare tee 10 Map

Feenoks kauplus

Mustamäe tee 43 Map

Grossi Toidukaubad

Tammsaare tee 133 Map

Gtstudio OÜ

Peterburi tee 50A Map

Hansapanga Liivalaia harukontor

Liivalaia 8 Map

Hansapanga Lilleküla kontor

Tulika 31/Endla 45A Map

Hansapanga Magdaleena kontor

Pärnu mnt 106 Map

Hansapanga Pirita kontor

Rummu tee 4 Map

Hansapanga Priisle kontor

Linnamäe tee 57 Map

Hansapanga Stockmanni harukontor

Liivalaia 51 Map

Hansapanga Sõle kontor

Kari 4 Map

Hansapank Nõmme kontor

Turu plats 5/7 Map

Hansas Plaaditurg

Mustamäe tee 3 Map

Hiiu Ehitusmaterjalid

Lauliku 2B Map

Hinnapomm Kadaka HP Extra

Kadaka tee 1 Map

Hinnapomm Kopli

Sõle 86 Map

Hobby Hall Rocca al Mare

Paldiski mnt 102 Map


Pärnu mnt. 186 Map

Hobujaama Ärikeskus

Hobujaama 4 Map

Hyper Rimi Haabersti

Haabersti 1 Map

Hyper Rimi Sõpruse

Sõpruse pst. 174/176 Map

Idakeskus Sport

Punane 16 Map
Ph: +372 699 0220
sport@idakeskus.ee · Homepage

Located in the Lasnamäe suburb, Idakeskus Sport has everything you'd want in a health club – swimming and tennis included.

Idema Köögid

Mustamäe tee 5 Map

IF Kindlustus Tallinna Laki büroo

Laki 32 Map

Invaru Tallinna teeninduspunkt

Peterburi tee 14a Map

Isku Mööbli AS

Pärnu mnt.139 f Map

Ivo Nikkolo

Suur-Karja 14 Map
Ph: +372 641 9057
ivo.nikkolo@baltikagroup.com · Homepage

Founded in 1994, Ivo Nikkolo is one of Estonia's oldest and most successful labels. The collection caters exclusively to women, offering sophisticated, high-end attire with an emphasis on quality tailoring.

Jaama Ärikeskus AS

Jaama 2 Map

Jannseni Kaubamaja

Vabaduse pst 128 Map

Juhkentali Säästumarket

Juhkentali 35 Map

Juuksurisalong Kaktus

Ehitajate tee 109 Map

Järveotsa Säästumarket

Õismäe tee 107A Map

Järve Selver

Pärnu mnt. 238 Map

Kadaka Selver

Kadaka tee 56a Map

Kadaka Säästumarket

Kadaka tee 56b Map

Kadaka tee Hyundai keskus

Kadaka tee 72a Map

Kajaka turg

Tuulemaa 20 Map


Mustamäe tee 44A Map

Kaubakeskus Kotka

P.Pinna 21 Map

Kauplus A-King

Mustamäe tee 3 Map

Kauplus Beebikeskus

Pärnu mnt 139 C Map

Kauplus Lukuauk

Mustamäe tee 5 Map

Keemiline Puhastus, Elektrikaubad

Punane 1 Map

Kelluka kauplus

Kelluka tee 21/23 Map

Keskturg (Central market)

Keldrimäe 9 Map
Ph: +372 660 6304

Central market offers a variety of seasonal foods, clothes and other goods.

Key Ehituskaubad

Kadaka tee 70c Map

Kia Auto AS

Ülemiste tee 1 Map

Kia Auto AS Kadaka salong

Kadaka tee 72a Map

Kiive Pood

Pae 20 Map

Klaasigalerii Glasstone

Marati 12 Map

Klementi Vabrikupood

Akadeemia tee 33 Map

Kodutehnika 'Karimus köögid'

Liivalaia 40 Map

Kommest Auto Sikupilli

Tartu mnt. 87 D Map

Kommest Auto Sõpruse

Sõpruse pst. 151 Map

Konsum Mustakivi

Mahtra 1 Map

Korea Auto AS / Hyundai Keskus

Pärnu mnt. 139-c1 Map

K-rautakesko Haabersti

Paldiski mnt 108a Map

K-rautakesko Lasnamäe

Peterburi tee 61 Map

Kristiine Shopping Centre

Endla 45 Map
Ph: +372 665 9100
info@kristiine.com · Homepage

One of Estonia's biggest malls, the Kristiine Centre is usually among the shopping destinations of choice for visiting travellers. Here you'll find dozens of clothing and shoe outlets, nearly 20 cafés and restaurants, and countless other shops and services. Several buses and trolley buses from City Centre will take you there.

Kärberi Säästumarket

Kärberi 42 Map

Laagri Säästumarket

Pärnu mnt. 453E Map

Lasnamäe Centrum

Mustakivi 13 Map

Lasnamäe Maksimarket

Peterburi tee 62A, Tallinn 11415 Map

Lasnamäe Prisma

Mustakivi tee 17 Map

Liiklusõiguse Büroo

Vabaduse pst. 59 Map

Lilleküla kauplus

Endla 53 Map

Linette AS

Mahtra 30a Map

Lipuvabriku pood

Kopli 81a Map

Liviko kauplus

Mere pst 6 Map

Loori kauplus

Raudtee 52A Map

Läänemere Säästumarket

Läänemere tee 2C Map

Magistral Shopping Centre

Sõpruse pst 201 Map
Ph: +372 665 9100
info@magistral.ee · Homepage

This three-storey shopping centre in the Mustamäe residential suburb offers over 50 retail outlets, restaurants and services.

Marja Säästumarket

Mustamäe tee 41 Map

Maxima Market Männiku

Valdeku 114 Map

Maxima Nõmme

Nõmme tee 23 Map

Maxima Sütiste

Sütiste tee 28 Map

Maxima Tammsaare

Tammsaare tee 94 Map


Mere pst 10 Map

Merimetsa Selver

Paldiski mnt 56 Map

Minimarket kaubakeskus

Uus-Maleva 4 Map

Minu Vara AS

Vilde tee 129 Map

Motiva OÜ ja Datagate Arvutid

Punane tn 1 Map

Mustakivi Selver

Mustakivi 3a Map

Männiku turg

Männiku tee 98 B Map

Neste Eesti AS

Sõpruse pst 155 Map

Norde Centrum

Lootsi 7 Map
Ph: +372 669 8900

A location close to the Passenger Port's D-terminal makes this small shopping centre convenient for anyone heading out on one of the Tallink ferries. In addition to a few small retailers and services, it has a large Rimi grocery/household store where you can stock up for your trip.

Nurmenuku Turg

Ehitajate tee 109 Map

Nõmme Market

Turu plats 8 Map
Ph: +372 645 7307 · Homepage

A lively, colourful market on the outskirts of the city focusing on local, organic produce.

Nõmme Raamat OÜ

Jaama 1 Map

Ober Haus peakontor

Narva mnt 53 Map

Omega kodumasinad

Mustamäe tee 8z Map


Gonsiori 21 Map

Ordi Arvutisalong

Pärnu mnt 142 Map


Pärnu mnt. 184 Map

OÜ Laservisioon Silmakeskus

Ahtri 6a Map

Pelgulinna Selver

Sõle 51 Map

Pereking OÜ

Raudtee 52A Map

Peterburi tee Vaibaparadiis

Peterburi tee 62A Map

Pihlaka Säästumarket

Männiku tee 98 Map

Pirita Selver

Rummu tee 4 Map

Porsche Eesti Filiaal

Paldiski mnt.100a Map

Postifoto kauplus

Õismäe tee 107 Map

Priisle Keskus

Linnamäe tee 57/61 Map

Prisma Mustamäe

Tammsaare tee 116 Map

Prisma Rocca al Mare

Paldiski mnt 102 Map

Pro Kapitali Ärikeskus

Narva mnt 13 Map

Punane Selver

Punane 46 Map


Gonsiori 21 Map

Rahu kauplus

Sõle 81 Map

Rahumäe Floristide OÜ

Rahumäe tee 23 Map

Rahva Raamat

Pärnu mnt 10 Map
Ph: +372 626 6592
anu.tiit@rahvaraamat.ee · Homepage

Renerki Kodumasinad

Pallasti 2b Map

Retent OÜ kauplus

Mahtra 30c Map

Reval Auto

Paldiski mnt 100 A Map


Aia 7 Map

Rimi  Idakeskus

Punane 16 Map

RIMI Nurmenuku

Ehitajate tee 107 Map

Rimi Põhja

Põhja pst 17 Map

R-kiosk Regati majas

Merivälja tee 1 Map

Rocca al Mare Shopping Centre

Paldiski mnt 102 Map
Ph: +372 665 9345
info@roccaalmare.ee · Homepage

This extensive mall on the edge of town offers dozens of shops that feature top fashion brands, as well as others selling everything from snowboards to eye glasses.

Rotermanni Keskus

Mere pst 4 Map

Rotermanni Square

Rotermanni 10


Kai 5 Map
Ph: +372 661 4550
info@sadamarket.ee · Homepage

The Harbour Market caters mainly to travellers heading through the adjacent ferry terminals. Here you'll find good deals on alcohol and cigarettes, as well as dozens of small shops selling all sorts of odds and ends.

Sadolini Värvikeskus

Peterburi tee 52a Map

Saksa Auto AS

Mustamäe tee 6 Map

Saksa Auto Kaks AS

Peterburi tee 2b Map

Saxby OÜ

Mustamäe tee 45 Map

SEB Eesti Ühispanga Harju harukontor

Harju 13 Map

SEB Eesti Ühispanga Nõmme harukontor

Turu plats 5/7 Map

SEB Eesti Ühispanga Pärnu mnt 12 harukontor

Pärnu mnt 12 Map

SEB Eesti Ühispank

Tornimäe 2 Map

SEB Eesti Ühispank Kadaka harukontor

Kadaka tee 72a Map

Seb Eesti Ühispank Magistrali harukontor

Sõpruse pst 201 Map

SEB Eesti Ühispank Talleksi harukontor

Mustamäe tee 8 Map

SEB Pirita harukontor

Rummu tee 4 Map

SEB Ühispanga Liivalaia harukontor

Liivalaia 22 Map

Seegi Mööbel

Punane 17A Map

Sikupilli Shopping Centre

Tartu mnt 87 Map
Ph: +372 680 9500
sikupilli@sikupilli.ee · Homepage

This retail centre near the airport is a particularly good spot for practical items like home and sporting goods, electronics and food.

Silberauto AS Ülemiste

Peterburi tee 50a Map

Sirbi kauplus

Uus-Maleva 1 Map

Solaris Centre

Estonia pst 9 Map
Ph: +372 626 1111
info@solaris.ee · Homepage

The modern Solaris Centre is a combination shopping mall and cultural centre located right in the heart of the downtown area. In addition to a number of shops and restaurants, it encompasses a 3D multiplex cinema, an art-house cinema, and the grand Nokia Concert Hall, which seats over 1800 spectators.


Pärnu mnt 139 C Map
Ph: +372 650 9457
mariana@standard.ee · Homepage

Showroom of the Estonia's oldest producer of the office furniture.


Akadeemia tee 28 Map


Liivalaia 53 Map
Ph: +372 633 9539
klient@stockmann.com · Homepage

This extensive, multi-storey branch of Finland's most famous department store offers an impressive selection of international brands in fashion, cosmetics, electronics and home furnishings. It also features a full-fledged food store as well as a restaurant, coffee-shops, beauty salons, currency exchange and even a golf-studio.

Stock Optika

Tartu mnt 18 Map

Stokker Tallinn

Peterburi tee 44 Map

Sunorek Mustamäe salong

Mustamäe tee 5 Map


Pärnu mnt. 356 Map

Sõle Säästumarket

Sõle 27 Map

Tallinna Kaubamaja

Gonsiori 2 Map
Ph: +372 667 3100
tallinn@kaubamaja.ee · Homepage

By far Estonia's largest and best-established department store, the Kaubamaja has the widest selection of goods you'll find in the city. The shop occupies the six floors of its own downtown building, and even extends over the street to take up a portion of the Viru Centre mall.

Tallinna Krematoorium

Pärnamäe tee 36 Map

Tallinna Vesi

Ädala 10 Map

Tallinna Ärikeskus

Harju 6 Map

Tammsaare Euronics

Tammsaare tee 134B Map

Tammsaare Säästumarket

Tammsaare tee 88 Map

Tartu mnt leilisaun

Tartu mnt 73 Map

Tondi Selver

A.H. Tammsaare tee 62 Map

Torupilli Selver

Vesivärava 37 Map

Uued Aknad OÜ

Mustamäe tee 5 Map


Kadaka tee 1 Map

Vaibaparadiis Mustamäe

Mustamäe tee 10 Map

Veho Eesti AS

Kadaka tee 72a Map

Veho Eesti Rocca al Mare

Paldiski mnt 102 Map

West Sport City

Tartu mnt 16 Map

West Sport kauplus

Merivälja tee 24 Map

Viru Centre

Viru Väljak 4 Map
Ph: +372 610 1444 · Fax: +372 610 1401
info@virukeskus.com · Homepage

The Viru Centre is by far the largest, busiest shopping mall in the downtown area. In addition to a healthy number of fashion outlets, it's home to the Tallinna Kaubamaja department store, an extensive, two-storey book shop and several cafés.

Viva Elektroonika

Mustamäe tee 8 Map

WTC Tallinn

Ahtri 8/12 Map

WW Passaaž

Aia 3/ Vana- Viru 10 Map
Ph: +372 627 1200

One of very few shopping centres within Old Town itself, the WW Passaaž is mostly home to fashion boutiques. It also has a café that's popular in summer for its rooftop dining spot.

Värvi Abi OÜ

Mustamäe tee 3 Map

Ülemiste Centre

Suur-Sõjamäe 4 Map
Ph: +372 603 4999
info@ulemiste.ee · Homepage

With over 160 shops and services, this enormous mall near the airport stakes a claim to having the widest selection of any shopping complex in the country. Ülemiste has as many as nine different restaurants and a children's play centre, making it an easy place to spend a large portion of your day.

Y2K Ararat kauplus Astangu

Astangu 50a Map

Y2K Ararat kauplus Vilde

E.Vilde tee 124 Map

Y2K Ararat Punane

Punane 17a Map

Y2K Ararat Randvere

Randvere tee 104 Map

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