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Accessible Tallinn


Accessible Tallinn provides important information about accessibility of the main tourism attractions and services for travellers with restricted mobility (including wheelchair users, visitors with a temporary impairment, visitors with children, etc).

Information about parking with disabled person´s card or badge:

When parking please always use your disabled person’s parking card or badge.
Parking on Tallinn’s public roads, in paid for zone, is free for disabled person when the car is correctly marked with the disabled person’s card or badge. 
Most private car parks do not allow free parking for disabled persons. Please always familiarise yourself with the rules and regulations on notice boards on spot.

Explanation of accessibility icons:

* The icon indicates that the handicap data for specific place has been mapped by The Estonian Union of Persons with Mobility Impairment
* If the icon is not displayed next to place name, it indicates that the specific place is not mapped for people with mobility impairment. Please contact the place to receive accessibility information
Fully accessible
* no step
* treshold up to 2,5 cm
* ramp gradient max 10%
* doors width at least 70 cm 

Restricted accessibility
* doors width less than 70 cm
* threshold or step hight more than 4 cm
* gradient of ramp over 10% 

No accessibility
* accessibility is restricted
* object is located on the second or higher floor, only steps for access
* more than one person's help is needed for accessibility 

Automatic hinged door
* opens automatically when approached 

Revolving door
* slowly rotating glass doors at entrance
* normal door usually next to it 

Automatic slide door

Steep ramp
* indication of gradient expressed in percent on the symbol
* ramp lenght in meters 

High treshold
* threshold hight over 2,5 cm
* height in cm above the symbol

* number of steps above the symbol

Low step
* one step outside the entrance door
* height under 13 cm
* height in cm above the symbol

* accessible for wheelchair user
* min dimensions of the lift are: depth 140 cm, width 110 cm, door 80 cm

Other lift
* lift does not meet special requirements of a wheelchair

Rooms for disabled people
* room is customised for disabled people
* number above indicates how many rooms

WC / toilet for disabled users
* wheelchair sign on WC door
* fully accessible
* meets international standards

Parking place for disabled
* car park with spaces reserved for disabled
* number of places above the symbol
* distance from car park to entrance in meters


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