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Tallinn Card’s recommendations for July


July is all about discovering the island of Naissaar and exploring the towers in the Old Town with the Tallinn Card!

FREE with your Tallinn Card

This medieval church on Toompea is a fascinating historical sight. Climb the 69 metres to the top of its baroque belfry, which was built in 1779, to enjoy stunning views of the city.

This 15th-century tower showcases medieval weapons, armour and the development of Tallinn’s fortifications over the centuries.

The history of these ruins, which are perched on the banks of the Pirita River, dates back to 1407. The massive facade of the main building remains standing today, as do many of its walls, its cellars and its cemetery.

This is a fun way to traverse the waters of the Pirita River, from which you’ll enjoy great views of the convent ruins and the surrounding greenery.

DISCOUNTS with your Tallinn Card

The tour you’re given on this island, which is just an hour’s boat ride from Tallinn, will take in Soviet-era artillery positions, a former naval mine factory, a military museum, beautiful sandy beaches and a church. Tallinn Card holders receive a 20% discount on the excursion.

This hour-long guided walk will give you a glimpse into the fascinating medieval history of the city. Tallinn Card holders receive a 50% discount on the excursion.

Pirita Adventure Park
Just 15 minutes from the city centre, this adventure park is set amid towering pines and a sandy beach and boasts six different courses up among the branches. It’s the perfect place for anyone with a taste for adrenalin! Tallinn Card holders receive a 15% discount on admission.

The calling card of this popular Old Town restaurant is its delicious grill menu. Tallinn Card holders receive a 10% discount on the a la carte menu.

The range of summer specials offered by the Tallinn Card has been extended to include the Rooftop Cinema, Tivoli fun fair and tickets to the Nargen Festival. More detailed information can be found here.

Enjoy the summer!

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