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Tallinn Card’s recommendations for October


October is the month for enjoying Tallinn Card discounts in the Old Town’s restaurants and handicraft shops!


Situated on the Town Hall Square, Kaerajaan carries the name of a famous folk song and dance routine and emphasises the national motif both in the decor and the selection of dishes. The ample menu combines ancient Estonian flavours with the latest food trends from around the world. Tallinn Card holders receive a 15% discount.

This historic building dates back to the 14th century, the atmosphere here is unique and the food is delicious. Fine spirits and beer are on offer and they taste even better when every evening at 8 o’clock there is a mock sword fight staged right in the restaurant. Tallinn Card holders receive a 10% discount.
Maikrahv in the heart of the Old Town is also known for its excellent choice of dishes and marvellous medieval milieu. Established in a house built in the 15th century, the restaurant offers a wide selection of international cuisine delicacies. On weekends the customers are entertained by live music and dancing. Be sure to try one of the house punches for an unrivalled beverage experience. Tallinn Card holders receive a 10% discount.

You are also welcome to visit lovely handicraft shops in the Old Town. For example, Rewill sells genuine Estonian artwork and handicraft items: sweaters, blankets, hats, scarves, socks and mittens, as well as souvenirs made from wood, leather and stone. Tallinn Card holders receive a 15% discount along with a little gift.


These unique former seaplane hangars now house a wide array of life-size museum exhibits that include the Lembit submarine, the Suur-Tõll steam-powered icebreaker and the Short 184 seaplane. Come to Seaplane Harbour to go on a journey around the world in the Yellow Submarine, take a look at our aquarium, play some exciting games, relax in a cosy café, then continue exploring this exciting location. For a surcharge you can also attend the “Sea in a Wardrobe” exhibition depicting maritime fashion today and in the past.

The former Town Hall Prison, built in the 15th century, now offers a glimpse of Tallinn’s history through the prism of 150 years of photography. In addition to the many photos of the Estonian capital, you will find on display here a collection of old photographic cameras and even a darkroom typical of the early 20th century. And don’t forget about the yearly exhibition: “Tissue adhesive on a piece of sheet metal – largest collection of ferrotypes in Estonia”.

Feel like partying? Use your Tallinn Card for a free visit to Club Hollywood in the Old Town. It is one of the most popular clubs in Tallinn and takes in up to 1,200 revellers.

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