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Tallinn Card prices


The standard Tallinn Card comes in 24-, 48- and 72-hour versions.
Tallinn Cards for children up to 14 years old have separate prices. Keep in mind though that there's no need to buy a card for children up to 6 years since city transport, excursions and most museums are free for them.
Be sure to keep an eye out for special campaigns when Tallinn Cards are on sale with discounts of 10 to 30%! We also offer special prices for groups and tourism professionals.

Prices 2014:

24 H 48 H 72 H
Adult 24 EUR 32 EUR 40 EUR
(up to 14 years)
12 EUR 16 EUR 20 EUR

Prices 2015:

24 H48 H72 H
Adult31 EUR39 EUR49 EUR
(up to 14 years)
16 EUR19 EUR24 EUR

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