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The charm of the season


Tallinn's Medieval Old Town takes on an especially magical quality during this time of the year as a fresh powdering of snow covers its gabled rooftops and outdoor candles fill its cobblestone lanes with a flickering glow. Though the nights may be dark, winter is when you'll find Tallinn at its most enchanting.

From skating at the Old Town's outdoor ice rink to enjoying a cup of mulled wine in a cosy café - every day brings new delights!

The frosty city is further brightened up by frequent jazz and classical music concerts, film screenings and other engaging cultural events. Come and experience Tallinn's winter full of magic!

December brings high spirits and festive moods to Tallinn's medieval churches, shops and of course, the world-famous Christmas Market at the Town Hall square. Regardless of whether its snowing or reminiscent of autumnal temperatures, the market is full of life, selling everything from knitwear to traditional Estonian Christmas food. 

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