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Gay Visitors


City Attractions

With eight centuries of history behind it, Tallinn is chock full of fascinating sights. This compact, seaside city has plenty of areas to explore, from the enchanting, cobblestone streets and Gothic spires of Old Town to the Tsarist-era elegance of  Kadriorg and the Bohemian charm of Kalamaja. The city also offers dozens of intriguing museums, many of which are themselves housed in Medieval towers and other age-old structures. For more information on what Tallinn has in store for visitors, check out our Ideas section, where you'll find great recommendations for what to see and do while you're here, as well as information on the highly-useful Tallinn Card

Additionally, Gay Map has put together some tailor-made, self-guided tours - an easy and fun way to experience the city and visit a number of gay-friendly places along the way.

Culture & Food

Tallinn is home to a highly active cultural scene, so there are always loads of festivals, concerts, movies, exhibitions and other events going on. For a detailed list of what will be happening when you're here, see our events calendar
Culinary culture is also important to Tallinn residents, and the sheer variety of restaurants available in this small city boggles the mind. From African to Thai, Medieval to cutting-edge fusion, there's something for every taste. Of course, if you're in the market for traditional Estonian food – the kind grandma serves up – you'll have no trouble finding it. This cuisine has its roots in centuries-old village life with Scandinavian, German and Slavic influences thrown in. It’s usually meaty, salty and rich. Here are some restaurants where you can give it a try. And finally, you can rest assured that the city's best restaurants are very much gay-friendly. 


Gay nightlife in Tallinn is developing fast, with some high-quality old favourites being joined by surprisingly fresh newcomers. The scene is mostly active on weekends and is generally centred around gay clubs and cafés. That said, it's not unusual to find special gay/LGBT theme nights at mainstream clubs such as Club Privé, BonBon or other party spots.


A special map designed specifically for gay visitors, GayMap, is available to guide you smoothly through the city. The pocket-sized map is available free-of-charge from various locations around town including the airport, the Tallinn Tourist Information Centres, the Port of Tallinn cruise terminal, information desks in other terminals and other locations. You can use it online or download it to your computer. 
If you want to know more about local LGBT community, you can also contact GayMap.ee, which acts as a general resource for gay visitors to Tallinn. If you pre-register with them, they'll prepare a special Gay Welcome Info Pack that you can pick up on the day of your arrival. It will contain useful information selected especially for the period of your stay, along with some free vouchers from GayMap partners.

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