KUMU Art Museum

By far the nation's largest and most cutting-edge art museum, Kumu displays Estonian-created works from the 18th-21st centuries.

A must-see for culture creatures, Kumu, the main building of Art Museum of Estonia, serves both as Estonia's national gallery and as a centre for contemporary art.

The complex itself is a work of art - it was opened in 2006 after nearly a decade of planning and construction, and is considered a modern architectural masterpiece. Curves and sharp edges mark out the copper and limestone structure, which is built into the side of a limestone cliff.

Kumu's exhibition aims to appeal to diverse audiences. Exhibitions display both classical and contemporary art and everything in between. The programme features art from the 18th century until today, Estonian art until the Second World War, art of the Soviet era and temporary exhibitions of contemporary art. 
In 2008, the European Museum Forum, which operates under the auspices of the Council of Europe, awarded Kumu the title of 'European Museum of the Year'.

Entrance is free with Tallinn Card.

Open/ Available 1.04-30.09 Tue, Thu-Sun 11-18; Wed 11-20
01.10-31.03 Thu-Sun 11-18; Wed 11-20
Ticket 6.00 €
Child ticket 4.00 €
Family ticket 12.00 €
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KUMU Art Museum
Location Kadriorg
Address A. Weizenbergi 34 Map
Phone +372 602 6000
Fax +372 602 6002
E-mail kumu.info@ekm.ee
Homepage www.kumu.ee
01.01.2010 - 31.12.2016
Classics of Estonian Art from the Beginning of the 18th Century until the End of the Second World War.
Hilma af Klint. A Pioneer of Abstraction
13.03.2015 - 07.06.2015
This exhibition brings to the audience the oeuvre of one of the most innovative artists of the early 20th century. Although Hilma af Klint’s (1862–1944) works were completed in the first decades of the 20th century, they still manage to appear surprisingly radical, abstract, large-scale and mysterious, with an unusual colour palette for their time.
Metamorphoses of the Black Square. Interpretations of Malevich’s Work in Estonian Art
20.03.2015 - 09.08.2015
The current exhibition is a modest homage to Kazimir Malevich (1878–1935) on the 100th anniversary of his iconic 20th-century painting Black Square. Without any pretensions to exhaustive treatment, it is an attempt to display an intriguing and multifaceted selection of various interpretations of Black Square in the works of Estonian artists.
Art Revolution 1966
17.04.2015 - 16.08.2015
In 1966, Tallinn and Tartu saw several exhibitions where the works revealed new ideas and strategies for the art of that era: a spring exhibition by Tartu artists, the exhibition “Painting. Graphic Art. Photography” in the lobby of the Academy of Sciences library, a young artists’ exhibition in the Tallinn Art Hall, Ilmar Malin’s exhibition in the Art Salon, and an Elmar Kits exhibition at the Tartu Artists’ House. Although a number of the new directions diverged from the official Soviet art canon, leading to a lively polemic, the authorities thought it best not to directly impede the experiments and searches by the young artists. The combined effect of these exhibitions was a shifting of the boundary between what was permitted and prohibited in the art of the period, and a broader range of the kind of art that could be considered realist.
The Force of Nature. Realism and the Düsseldorf School of Painting
15.05.2015 - 30.08.2015
The exhibition is dedicated to the idea of closeness to reality, which was prevalent in the 19th century, with a focus on the oeuvre of influential Estonian artists who studied and worked at the Düsseldorf Art Academy: Eduard von Gebhardt, Eugen Dücker, Oskar Hoffmann, Paul Raud and others.
Jaromír Funke and Avant-garde Photography in Czechoslovakia 1922–1950
15.05.2015 - 30.08.2015
The group exhibition centres around the pioneer of Czech avant-garde photography, Jaromír Funke, who was an excellent example of a radical and constantly evolving artistic type. His oeuvre includes both Cubist experiments with form and “emotional photography”.
Home and Away. Raymond Pettibon: Living the American Dream. Marko Mäetamm: Feel at Home
29.05.2015 - 13.09.2015
The internationally renowned R. Pettibon (US) and M. Mäetamm (Estonia) force the viewer to face the hard realities of life. Mäetamm does this through the kitchen and bedroom, while Pettibon (who also has Estonian roots) looks at the US and its relations to the rest of the world.
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