Estonian Museum of Natural History

The Estonian Museum of Natural History tells stories about the nature of Estonia and helps you to make sense of its secrets. 
The museum offers a fascinating look at the creatures and habitats of Estonia, as well as wildlife from around the world. 
There are several seasonal, temporary themed exhibitions every year from alive spiders, edible and poisonous mushrooms to minerals. These exhibitions are full of new knowledge, experience and inspiration.  
Hall of the sea and rivers introduces the diverse wildlife of the Baltic coasts, rivers and mires. Here you can get a look at the giant Wels catfish or check the colour of beavers’ tooth. 
The hall of forests welcomes you with a rich display of mammals, birds and insects. Here you can find both a flying squirrel and an elk – the largest mammal in the Estonia’s forests. You can also look into the eyes of a baby bear and witness the feats of a wolf. 
In the discovering room, you can touch, hear, watch and smell the world as animals sense it. You can take a look through the eyes of a fly, a dog or a fish, and try out how a bat or an elephant hears.

An audio guide is available in Estonian, Russian, English and Finnish.

Museum entrance is free with Tallinn Card.

Open/ Available Wed, Fri-Sun 10-17
Thu 10-19
Ticket 4.00 €
Child ticket 3.00 €
Family ticket 8.00 €




Estonian Museum of Natural History
Location Old Town
Address Lai 29a Map
Phone +372 641 1739
Night Flyers
19.03.2015 - 31.08.2015
Owls we all probably associate the word „owl“ in our minds with a stocky bird with big penetrating eyes. Humans have always regarded owls as somewhat mysterious creatures. In many cultures, the owl is associated with wisdom and good luck, its image is often depicted on textbook covers or amulets. Various beliefs about owls have likely been triggered by their mostly nocturnal lifestyle, their freaky-sounding hoots, and the big attentive-looking eyes.
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