Viimsi St. James' Church

This church boasts modern architecture well suited to the seashore landscape. This is the only Lutheran church built in Estonia after the World War II. Although designed to be modern, architects Martin Aunin and Erkki Ristoja have followed all the canons of classical sacral building. The church built in 2003 is dedicated to people lost in sea. The concrete bell tower is 13 meters high with one 600 tonne bell named Memento Mori (don't forget the death) and the other 200 tonne bell named Memento Vivere (remember - you must live).  

Open during services and concerts and on Thursdays.

Open/ Available Thu 10-18
Ticket 0.00 €
Viimsi St. James' Church
Location Tallinn Surroundings
Address Nurme tee 2
Phone +372 607 5070
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