SEB Maijooks (May Run)

Once again the women of Tallinn are called upon to get out and get healthy. The Maijooks (May Run), which starts in the Song Festival Grounds, can be a gentle stroll or a gut-wrenching run, depending on how you want to take it.  In any case it is a chance for people of all ages to get out and get fit. The route for children under the age of 12 is a bit shorter. 
Participation in the Maijooks continues to grow each year. In 2013 there were close to 14 000 participants, many of them from abroad. 

For the past years the event has been organised by the Sports Event Team. The event's principle sponsor is SEB bank.

Full information about the May Run and how to register is available at


May 18
May 17

Tallinn Song Festival Grounds

Tallinn Song Festival Grounds / Narva mnt 95
Ph: +372 611 2102
Fax: +372 611 2109

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