A ballet by Ronald Hynd to the music of Johann Strauss
World premiere on April 24, 1978 (PACT Ballet)
Premiere at the Estonian National Opera on December 2, 2011

Choreographer: Ronald Hynd
Music Director and Conductor: Jüri Alperten
Conductor: Risto Joost
Set Designer: Peter Docherty (UK)
Lighting Designer: Tiit Urvik
Assistant Choreographer: Marilyn Vella-Gatt (UK)
Arrangement: John Lanchbery (UK)

Ronald Hynd’s Rosalinde is a ballet to the music of Johann Strauss and reflects the era of musicals and silent films of the 1920s. Hynd’s adaptation closely follows the witty story line of the operetta Die Fledermaus that takes the audience to a glamorous masked ball and the world of piquant intrigues. Rosalinde is at once uproariously funny and sublime, as well as romantic and intrinsically balletic. The set design of the renowned British designer Peter Docherty evokes the careless life of the roaring twenties. John Lanchbery’s arrangement of the music gives full scope to the ballet’s witty inventiveness matching the choreography, adding two popular Johann Strauss’ pieces, the waltz The Blue Danube and polka Unter Donner und Blitz.


December 4 / 17:00
December 7 / 19:00
December 10 / 19:00
February 2 / 19:00
February 10 / 19:00
May 19 / 19:00
May 24 / 19:00
June 3 / 17:00


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